To The Bones to play Manchester with Eureka Machines – March 28th 2014.

To The Bones will be performing GULLIVERS in Manchester with the awesome EUREKA MACHINES on March 28th. Also on the bill is ‘Tropical Contact’. Tickets for the event are on sale now and  already going quickly, be sure to reserve your place now before all the tickets clean out.

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109 Oldham Street, M4 1LW Manchester, United Kingdom
Additional Information…
Hey! Lads and ladesses, guess what… EUREKA MACHINES are coming back to Manchester in March to bestow some more aural pop loveliness on thine very ears and peepers. Hooray!

But that’s not all…

Taking to the stage immediately beforehand will be Bolton’s loudest riff machine, TO THE BONES. I’m reliably informed they’re ready and waiting to lay absolute waste to something, so be warned. As if you needed any more convincing than that, but it’s here anyway:

Hands up if you thought the coolest thing about Huddersfield was that Patrick Stewart’s the Chancellor of the University. You are of course wrong, because that particular accolade now goes to TROPICAL CONTACT who’ll be doing a sterling job of opening up proceedings. Listen to them here: (That’s a command, not a request by the way)

All that for a meagre six quid too. You’re bloody spoilt, you lot.


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