Order some To The Bones Merch Online.

Hey all. We’re down to our last of the black To The Bones skull Tshirts. There’s now a small handful of medium and small blacks left + some medium womens Tshirts. We of course still stock our pride and joys which are our 2 records that we’ve made. We still have a stack of CD Astral Magic EPs left and also our 10 track LP ‘Duke Type A’ . Do us and yourself a sweet deed and go order a tonne of merch form our online shop. http://www.tothebonesband.bigcartel.com We’ll be restocking with brand new items eventually but for the meantime go and hook yourself up!

Hope to see you guys on tour in april and may!


Order To The Bones Merch Now! http://www.tothebonesband.bigcartel.com

ps. If you’ve already been totally awesome and bought our merch, and still feeling like you wanna contribute….if you’ve not PRE-ORDERED our brand new single EMPEROR’S RIDE on ITUNES….Go right ahead here….There’s some filthy FUZZ waiting for you. http://www.tothebones.co.uk/PRE-ORDER


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