Chorley show.

Hey all. Thanks to those who came down to the Imperial last night in good ol’ chorley, we had fun. That was our first show of the year, actually our first show in half a year which is pretty crazy. When you’ve not played in a such a long time, especially when you’ve been doing it so frequently over the course of a decade, when you take a break, it’s easy to forget why you bother to do it in the first place….but it’s safe to say that once the stage adrenaline has kicked in like a kicking horse’s hind legs and your back out there fuckin’ shit up… remember why you make the time to keep on doing it. Less Y.H.F. More rock. Big up.

One of the highlights of last night for us was playing an improv version of a new song we only wrote a few days ago and we somehow managed to play the entire thing. Viper sting. was a mega buzz to play it.

Set list :-

Icy Belly
Martian Mother Fucker
Emperor’s Ride
Cay Augustina
Area 51
Viper Sting

In future news we of course have our new single ‘Emperor’s Ride’ coming out on April 22nd 2013 on Martian Pop Records which we’re very excited about and we’ll be announcing some new shows around the time of release so keep checking back here at

yours in loud Rock n fucking roll,

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