EMPEROR’S RIDE – Early Radioplay on Artrocker Radio / Resonance 104.4 FM.

Great to hear ‘Emperor’s Ride’ getting early airplay on Artrocker Radio on Resonance 104.4 FM. Keep your ears out for rock. Shit’s getting real.

1.Iggy By Acoustic Ladyland
2.Emperors Ride By To The Bones
3. Blue Nun By Smoking Hearts
4. Helping Hand By Datsuns
5. Dead On The Wall By God Damn
6. Tie Or Die By Bad Grammar
7. Impatients By We 3 And The Death Rattle
8. You Ain’t From Round These Parts By Gurt
9. Draculala By Shiny Darkly
10. I Wanna Die By Scott & Charlene’s Wedding
11. Riot Grrrl By Keel Her
12. Smoke And Mirrors By Miss The Occupier
13. ” Wasted ” By Metz
14. How To Get Close By Bemsha Swing
15. Rainbow By Umez

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